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Department of Radiation Medicine and Ecology

220113, Minsk, Dzerzhinsky ave,83.
Email: kafradmed@gmail.com


Welcome to the site of the Department of Radiation Medicine and Ecology of the Belarusian State Medical University!


Distance education at the Department of Radiation Medicine and Ecology has almost a 10-year history. Our Department was the pioneer at the BSMU to design Distance Learning System (DLS) as the novel educational pattern. Initially, DLS was shaped as a plain testing tool. Subsequently it was upgraded and replenished with trial testing and real high-grade tests, with missed classes makeup tool and task simulator.

At the moment, for the learners’ utmost convenience, DLS maintains an e-library, the best multimedia presentations of the students, simulator aimed at acquiring skills in task solving, missed class makeup and failed colloquium retake tools.

DLS of the Department is under steady upgrading with new academic and operational elements recruitment.

The staff of the Department of Radiation Medicine and Ecology wish for your success in schooling. Be advised, that if your misuse of DLS is the case, the results of the fulfilled job within the system will be cancelled and your access to the site content will be banned for good. To avoid it, you are strongly recommended to get a meticulous insight into the “Standard Operating Procedure” section hereinafter, which states the Department policy to operate DLS, clear-cut for students.  

Attention!!  Makeups here

Colloquium on radiation medicine 2nd year students of General Medicine are scheduled according to the tab "Colloquium"

Standard Operating Procedure to properly operate DLS. Read more ...

Announcement: Information for participating in distance learning during the coronovirus pandemic.

Read the following information carefully. To participate in the remote lesson you must have a username and password. Login and password are received at the department. Before read please the tutorial and toolkit. Get to know the questions that will be be considered in class (according to the schedule).On schedule, you must register. You owe it do within 10 minutes from the start of the lesson. Keep in mind, if you do not have time to do this, department will consider this lesson to be missed. After logging in, a test will be displayed, consisting of 10 questions on the topic of the lesson. You need to answer 10 questions. If you give 40% correct answers (4 correct answers), the system will send you to the second stage of the lesson, which consists in preparing and writing essay on the topic of this lesson. The topic of the essay will be displayed to you. Write down the topic and can log out. Prepare an abstract of up to 2 A4 pages. Send the finished abstract by e-mail to the department: kafradmed@gmail.com Try not to delay the preparation of the essay and do it for subsequent 1-2 hours. If at the first stage you answer incorrectly to 3 or more questions then the system will offer you to prepare better. To do this, read the theoretical material again and log in again. Behind distance learning you will receive an assessment that will correspond the effectiveness of your testing. If you are ready please click the bookmark "MAKEUPS" at the top.page.Please attention: On weekends, as well as on weekdays from 20-00 to 7-30, access to the this site will be closed.

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